nomade downwinder

October 2022 – 600km – Cumbuco > Atins, Lençois Maranhenses.






OCT, 03 th – 13 th

USD 2.200

Convertidor de moneda USD/BRL: Mon, 6 Feb.


Every year a new challenge awaits us. The beaches of Brazil give us the opportunity to navigate safely throughout 3 states, Ceara, Maranhao and Piaui. Choose your own challenge!

itinerary day by day

Day 1

We meet at 9:30 am to start the adventure with the first informative talk about the trip and the first stage. 11am let’s go to the water! 60km await us until we reach Lagohina!

Day 2

Time for the first big challenge! We meet at 10am to leave with the first wind of the day. A long day of navigation awaits us, 70kms until we reach Icaraizinho.


Day 3

A good time to make a quiet sail and recover energy. We leave at 1130am to sail 40kms to Ilha do Guajiru.

Day 4

Day of the second great challenge of the trip. 65kms to reach Barrinha, we meet at 9am to get out as early as possible and make the most of the day!

Day 5

At 1100am we start one of the most anticipated stages, we will sail 65km through the beaches of Preá, Jericoacoara and Tatajuba until we reach Camocim.

Day 6

Today we will have a 65km day of navigation where we will cross virgin beaches and the river that divides Ceará from Piaui. At the end of the day, the beautiful beaches of Macapá await us.

Day 7

We are arriving at one of the most remote destinations, the Parnaiba delta. We are going to navigate 50km, passing through the beach of Piedra do Sal, until we reach the Parnaiba River.

Day 8

The day of the great challenge arrived. Today we will sail 80km through the Parnaiba Delta until we reach the beaches of Arpoador.

Day 9

We continue our journey to our final destination, 70 km to the town of Atins. We will leave at 10am to get to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

Day 10

Finally we will have a quiet day, we will sail 15km to visit and navigate within the Lençois Maranhenses. An unforgettable experience sailing in these crystal clear waters.



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Snacks, lunch & dinner included

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