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During 2022 Oceanbirdz will return one more last time to Brazil to have an awesome and once in a lifetime kite adventure of two weeks per trip;  We start at Ilha for three days of fun, clinics, coaching and relaxation and after that… pack our boardbags to have an stunning kite safari!! 


This trip is our personal favorite, find out why and claim your spot.

During our safari we stay over for 2 or 3 days per location, to find the perfect balance between our intens coaching clinics, guided downwinders and some deserved relaxation needed during your holiday!

Group dates 2022;

30.10 till 13.11.2022 SOLD OUT!

13.11 till 27.11.2022 AVAILABLE


During this all in trip, we will stay at & visit the well-known fisherman town called Ilha do Guarjiru. And during the kitesafari from Ilha via the Delta of Parnaiba all the way up to Arpoador we will take care of nice and clean pousadas and villa’s to stay, go to the the accommodation and safari  tab to check al details out.

This trip is for riders who know how to ride upwind, want to learn better kitesurfing and for those who want to improve their tricks or techniques. With help of downwinders, clinics and many different spots at kitesurf paradise Brazil. Brazil is well known for perfect kite conditions with palm fringed beaches, an average air temperature of 30 degrees and water temperature of 24 degrees.

During the first 3 days we stay at our ‘home pousada’ to leave Europe behind, get used to the Brazilian temperatures and get ready for the real adventure, the beginners+ / intermediates that need to take some last lessons can take it during these first days 🙂 Breakfast, lunch and diner will be fully included from the  first evening till arrival back in Ilha on. Except for one diner at Jeri, so everyone can go out on own occasion.

After ilha we will move forward with our famous kite safari, why do we call it a kitesafari instead of downwind safari? That’s because we offer a unique experience for all levels! Are you ready for nice downwinders? Go for it! We will separate the advanced kiteboarders in a car so you can kite a big part of the way downwind, and of course we will guide you on the water trough it. Nearly able to ride upwind? No problem, we will take you closer to the spot of that day, so you don’t have to downwind that far. So our kitesafari is for all levels, the only thing we expect is kitecontrol and some upwind riding, as we are not able to teach total beginners during the kitesafari. Although downwind traveling is a cool experience, we do believe it’s even nicer to do loads of spot kiting at different breath taking places and take the time to discover all the spot has to offer, therefore we spend mainly 2nights per stop.

Our Stops during the kitesafari:

°Ilha de Guajiru

°Barrinha / Jeri

°Maceio/ Camocim

°Barra Grande / Macapa / Delta do Parnaiba


Check all details at the kitesafari tab, which you find a bit up.

During the kite safari we will stay over at luxe spacious and mainly beachfront pousada’s and familiar hotels. Oceanbirdz always provides good and clean accommodation with a cozy atmosphere and rooms will be shared with a maximum of 1 other traveller.

During our last nights we will be staying in Ilha again and if you would like to stay longer you can join us the rest of your stay at our favorite pousada!

Flights are not included, but for sure we can help you out with it! Check TAP and KLM for the best offers.

You can book your own flight from the airport of your choosing. Please keep in mind we include transfer on the arrival and departure date, if you decide to arrive on a different date, we need to charge a private transfer.

In case you book your own flight, we can give you some advice:

* From anywhere in Europe, TAP has daily flights via Lisbon to Fortaleza. Info: www.flytap.com.

* From Amsterdam, KLM has weekly flights, straight or with a stopover at CDG to Fortaleza. Info: www.klm.com

* From Milan, Air Italy has weekly direct flights to Fortaleza. Info: www.airitaly.it.

* TAM flies from Miami, Paris, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and Madrid. Info: www.tam.com.br.

* Aerolineas Argentinas flies from Buenos Aires and São Paulo (www.aerolineas.com.ar)

Next to Paul & Maroean, we got a fixed Brazil crew for 4 years now, consisting out of 4 colleagues from Argentina. Sebas & Eva will guide the 2nd group.

Gonzalo, Santi, Lucas and Ricardo are our secret weapon at Brazil 😉 !

Which means our experienced crew members will take care of the ultimate experience and offer all the attention needed during the coaching and guided downwinders.


* All Inn Kitesafari till Arpoador.

* 4×4 jeeps including fuel and beach support during 575km

*Every jeep has a driver and there are 2 guides on the water

* Twin / Double Room accommodation on the way

* Fresh and healthy breakfast (14x)

* Snacks, lunch & water during kitesafari (11x)

* Diner incl 1 drink during kitesafari (12x)

* Event lycra

* Pictures & drone videos during the trip

* Downwinders, clinics & trips to secluded beaches

* Coaching lessons on every level included

* Test equipment of Ozone

* Lots of sun and reliable wind every day

* Support of the Oceanbirdz crew 24hrs per day



* Private coaching course 4×2 hours for €350.

* Kitesurf private trick lesson: €75/hr.

* Exclusive day trip trough the delta of Parnaiba once we are totally at the north €40,- (2000,- brl).

*Private transfer one way Cumbuco (if you don’t want to wait for combined arrivals/departure): € 35,-


Not included:

* Further local spending

* Flight to Fortaleza


€ 2350,- p.p. two weeks including Kitesafari

* Only 10 exclusive spots for this one! *

It’s not a problem if you come alone. You will be sharing a room with the maximum of one other travelers (we always try a traveler from the same gender).

During this trip we’ll start our stay in a little village called Ilha do Guajiru. The hotel’s location is perfect: it’s located behind the beach and we got our own beachbar front row at the lagoon.  The Fortaleza airport is only 2hrs away and we will pick you up upon arrival.

Ilha do Guajiru, a small village existing of a bunch of pousada’s on a row at a big lagoon where you can ride till the sun goes down.  After ilha we show you the beauty of the deserted Brazilian coast line when we start the drive to our next stops.

We will help you during these first days with some coaching on your own level and a small trial downwinder;  We will ride trough a river, it’s a true experience; the Almofala downwinder and this one is the opening of the downwinders!

Kitesafari stops

After Ilha we will take you in our 4X4 cars and go on Oceanbirdz kitesafari!


Ilha do Guajiru – Barrinha

In the afternoon of our first safari day we reach Barrinha. Here it seems as if time has stood still. Surrounded by a cozy atmosphere, freshly grilled fish and a cold caipi you experience the ‘I never want to leave’ again. And that’s exactly why we stay one extra day to kite around this beautiful spot! Here we will prepare a small downwinder, which is perfect to try to ride a waveboard if you didn’t before, after the spot search and rides in the surrounding it’s time to spend a night in Jeri! The must see surf village of the region. 

Barrinha – Maceio

On day 6 the longest downwinder of the entire program is planned. Do not worry, you may, you do not have to go;) Can you handle it? Go for it! together with our crew, 50km along the coast to Camocim, we are happy to accompany you. During our downwinder we encounter small fishing villages, beautiful deserted beaches lined with palm trees and reach the beautiful abandoned Camocim under our kites.

A bit to much or more fan of on the spot kiting? Then our cars will take you to the lagoon, here you can ride and accompany the last 5km along downwind to Camocim. Where we end the day together with a cold beer to continue to our next place to sleep. In 1994 the coast of this village was declared one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world and once here its clear why! Maceio is a true paradise, surrounded by sand dunes and only sandy paths as usual roads in this small town. The people are friendly and you can see that everything is built up with love. During the evening we will climb the sand dunes to enjoy a beautiful sunset, perhaps the most beautiful you have ever seen! We stay 2 nights in Maceio, before we go just a bit further north.

Maceio – Macapa

We will start our day with a drive or downwinder to get further up to the north. After passing the river with a boat we will proceed to Macapa. We pass little fishing villages, beautiful sandy beaches lined with coconut trees and reach Macapa while the last hours of sun will give us a golden hour session to end the day.. Here we stay at a sweet pousada and an ice-cold beer or cocktail will be waiting for us. Macapa is in Piauí and is one of the best flat spots of Brazil! It’s a small village near Barra Grande. As we don’t want you to choose between riding the lagoon, hit the waves, go trough the mangroves or make another downwinder, we will offer you all and stay over  for 2 nights!

As exclusive extra a day trip trough the Delta of Parnaiba is booked for the group. Our crew either takes you by kite trough this nature reserve, or you will have a nice boat safari and kite on the end stop of the downwinder. On our way back we will visit one the best kept nature secrets : thousands of bright Red birds flying over to their night hide away; we like to call them Oceanbirdz!

Arpoador – Ilha do G.

The way from Arpoador back to Fortaleza is a long one and therefore we split the trip by spending 2 nights back in Ilha. The last day you can do another goodbye session, pack your bags, relax in hammocks, enjoy delicious food at our campfire under the stars and after…  unfortunately get ready to head back to Europe.


Car & drivers:

We use Hilux (4×4)  to drive over beaches and roads with you. Every traveller has her/his own seat in the Hilux and there is a maximum of 4  per car. If we drive over the beach, we will have a lot of sightseeing and adventure (for example to cross rivers by little ferry’s). The Hilux will be with you all the time while you’re kiting if we can drive by your side on the beach. Our drivers speak English, German, Spanish and Portugese. They are very professional and of course experienced kiters. Additionally most are certified IKO Kite teacher and would love to help you learn and show some tricks. Coaching is always included in our trips and we plan 4 sessions including video analysis down the road.


It might be clear, this trip is all about downwinding and kitesurf down the coastline of Brazil. We will organise small, nice and easy downwinders for all levels. The car will be  almost always on the beach, to provide assistance. We know the coast and know the nicer parts for downwinding and the best kitespots on the way! Ready for the real work; long downwinder to the next spot? Be our guest and join the Oceanbirdz crew on the water. Or, you want to learn downwind riding and practice your tricks on the lagoons? No worries, our cars will take you to the next spot.

Breakfast (14x)

Big, healthy breakfast will be included daily during the whole trip.

Lunch (12x)

Out of experience we know it’s better to have a big breakfast (in the price included) which gives energy for the day, instead of an extra long lunch. While kitesurfing it’s not nice to have a full stuffed belly, therefore we will always have water, bananas, fruits, cookies and little lunch snacks in the car for during the day (included) and at night we go for an early diner.

Diner (10x)

We include main dish and one soft drink every evening till the return in Ilha. Sometimes we will have diner in the pousadas and other evenings we will take you out for diner in to the small villages. In  Jeri we give you the freedom to go out by yourself, as there are so many nice places to get food.

Last Days back in Ilha:

The last days, you can stay in the pousada, relax, kite again, prep your bags.. wathever you want, until we will pick you up for the airport transfer. When there are different departure flights, we will transfer the complete group to Cumbuco and manage different small taxi’s from there, so you can stay on the beach as long as you want!

Do we need to say more? Join us!


Support 4x4 & drivers

06 night acommodation

differents food options

differents downwinds

kite & wing school


Ph & Video – film & edition

certified instructors